Tools for Food Security and Nutrition Analysis

Household Economy Approach and Cost of the Diet

Cost of the Diet training Washington DC 20th-22nd September 2016

Training Dates: 2016-09-20 16:45:00

Key contact

Amy Lane, Jacky Hems, Natalie Roschnik

~~Save the Children and Palladium will be hosting a “Cost of Diet” 3-day introductory course Tuesday through Thursday, September 20-22nd at the Palladium office at 1331 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington DC.
Costs to attend this training are $620/person.  Costs cover the training, participants’ lunch and refreshments for the three-days.   Practitioners then wishing to use the Cost of Diet tool for a full analysis, should be certified.   This requires participation in the three-day introductory course, as well as execution of a study in the field.    (Field analysis takes approximately 2-3 weeks with an additional 2 weeks to write up the findings.)  For an example of a full Cost of Diet analysis visit:
We anticipate this training to be fun, practical,  and participatory.  If you are interested in attending the training, please write to by Friday, August 5th so we can plan accordingly.   We will send out further logistical details to people expressing interest.
Best wishes,
The Cost of Diet team