Tools for Food Security and Nutrition Analysis

Household Economy Approach and Cost of the Diet

ECHO ERC Outcome Analysis Training

Training Dates: 2014-12-01 09:00:00

Key contact

Chiara Trincia
The ECHO ERC project ‘Reinforcing Institutional Capacity For Timely Food Security Emergency Response To Slow Onset Crises At Scale’ is holding an HEA Outcome Analysis training at the Concern Worldwide offices in London on 1-3 December 2014.
The aim of the project is to improve timely, relevant response to slow onset or predictable crises through the use of livelihood and market analysis and a context-appropriate framework for contingency planning and response analysis, in a comprehensive Situation and Response Analysis Framework (SRAF). I have attached above a 2 page summary, and the full proposal and other docs can be found here: and the forthcoming
The SRAF uses the HEA methodology to model the impact of a hazard on any of the HEA livelihood baselines available globally, setting the scene for early planning and early response.  Save the Children has worked with the Food Economy Group (FEG) to develop and test an “HEA Dashboard” built on a simplified HEA Outcome Analysis to automatically model changes in households sources of food, income and expenditure, and the quantity of food or cash therefore required to meet humanitarian needs.

The training is designed for both ERC and relevant non-ERC technical and managerial staff, and its purpose is to:

·         Familiarise staff with the HEA methodology;

·         Familiarise staff with the HEA Dashboard;

·         Develop an understanding of how an Outcome Analysis is carried out, and develop competencies to prepare, run and interpret the analysis.

Please confirm your interest to Chiara Trincia,, by Tuesday 25th November COB. 
The Concern Worldwide offices are located at 13/14 Calico House, Clove Hitch Quay, London, SW11 3TN.